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Sardinia Experience Promotion aims to promote tourism in Sardinia through the opportunities that events, workshops and sector trade fairs (national and otherwise) give to tour operators from all over the world.

Particular attention goes to the creation of promotional events at international trade fairs and workshops, where useful and necessary contacts for themed tourism activities and various local products of excellence are acquired. We cannot speak of personal, social or professional growth if we do not have the courage to present ourselves for who we are or for what we know how to do. Sometimes, a lack of communication can mean that not even our neighbour knows us or is interested in us for what we can mutually offer each other. On occasion, when participating in events whether in Sardinia, Italy or abroad, I have had to point to our island on a map with my finger, there in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, and then, for example, talk about something that helped people to identify it, for example the Costa Smeralda or other better known areas. Then, I would speak of other places popular with tourists, of the culture of the nuraghi, and describe our regional products, pecorino cheese, myrtle, Cannonau etc.


Events Sardinia Experience Promotion Oristano
During cultural and food and wine events, an effective starting point is to offer a tasting of high-quality wine, with small wedges of cheese and carasau bread. This provides the point of departure from which to start talking about the tradition of genuine production in that particular locality, and therefore in a broader way, about our island, its natural beauties, its goodness, its specialities and its heartfelt hospitality.

Because, for those who aren't familiar with us, it's good to be open, honest, true and proactive, sharing good, convincing and effective things. What is good is to confirm that this is our Sardinian identity - original, strong, unmistakable, with a welcoming smile and our particular models of life. 
In such circumstances, Sardinia will always find a way to be appreciated, to be recognised, to gain rightful recognition - and we are proud to represent her.The best way to show how much we value our island is through solidarity - to share her and create alliances. Various operators need to create partnerships, to show they are safer and more competitive, each playing their own part, each via their own personality and experience contributing to a single force, a common home. In this way we can triumph.


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