With Sardinia Experience Promotion's wine and food tours, every visitor to Sardinia can take pleasure in discovering the tastes and flavours peculiar to this special and varied land.

When on holiday, an important part of the pleasure is in the discovery of new foods, new flavours, new places, new traditions and new cultures.
Often the local food is prepared according to very long-standing traditions. Sardinia has an ancient history, many peoples from ancient times have landed on its shores from the sea, from Asia Minor, Africa, Europe and the Italic continent. To conquer, to trade or for peaceful reasons, they brought with them endless cultural influences that contributed widely to art, and the manner in which people lived and ate. But Sardinia has also remained true to itself: its primordial roots have always given it an innate vigour when it came to maintaining a coherent identity, especially in the various cultural, craft, rural and natural sectors.

The ancient art of livestock farming, of making soft and hard cheese in all its various forms, both from sheep's milk and from cow's milk. The art of fishing, of making bottarga (a cured fish roe product) and smoked fish.
The art of bread making with durum wheat flour and semolina, in its various traditional forms (carasau, guttiau, pistoccu, civraxiu, moddixina, coccoi, pani dorau and pintaui, etc.), of pasta and processed products, traditionally wrapped, of honey, artisan desserts, biscuits and fresh pastries. 
The art of oil and organic preserves.
The art of sausage-making and of various salamis and hams.
The ancestral tradition of agriculture and livestock breeding.

Without forgetting the cultivation of durum wheat, cereals and legumes, vegetable gardens and vineyards. And above all, wine, produced from the grapes of ancient vines to give varieties such as Vernaccia, Cannonau, Cagnulari, Bovale Sardo, Monica, Nieddera, Vermentino, Nuragus, Semidano, etc.Sardinia offers a great variety of landscapes, cultivars, terroirs (with optimal Mediterranean climatic exposure), and soils - volcanic, granite, alluvial and sandy. Essential natural strengths that give the resulting wine authenticity, personality, scents and aromas, expressing the nobility of an ancient and sun-kissed land.
Nowadays Sardinian wines are greatly appreciated by connoisseurs in the consumer market  and, above all, they stand out for their particular quality, their merits recognised by gourmets and experts. They receive awards in various international workshops and food and wine trade fairs.
Often wine helps to create the connection between locals and visitors - both at the first welcome with "su cumbidu" (the guest), and at meals, where they accompany original, varied and authentic dishes, such as roast lamb, kid, suckling pig and fish, enlivening lunches and dinners in company and also sometimes in families, inside traditional houses, but often in the open air in summer, in the best 'agritourisms'.

Customs, foods and traditions which exist only in that place or locality and which have been handed down since time immemorial. Outstanding products that represent the character, personality, history and identity of Sardinia all over the world.
With our tasting food experience we present local flavours, intertwining them with the history of food and the traditions of the territory. In this way, we are able to promote and support the work of small artisan producers, who for their originality are certainly no less important as actors and protagonists in their line of work. Human stories - often of real artists, of precious hands - but until now, if not happened upon by chance, not yet properly recognised.


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