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Sardinia Experience Promotion offers tours of Sardinia, notable for their slower, more relaxing tempo, more proper of nature and rural and maritime life, offering various 'slow tourism' proposals. 

Every time we think of making a journey there is something in us that is urging us to do it. A motive, a goal, a passion. There is nothing more wonderful than the feeling of leaving with the goal of discovering new things, interrupting the day-to-day, rediscovering oneself through enjoyment and relaxation, far from noise, by slowing the incessant rhythm of work and stressful situations. To address this, the best cure and most successful approach is to commit to rediscovering slower, smoother ways of living. The best advice is to spend more time in nature, in a simple and 'soft' way, by walking. Spend time in creative contexts, where, in good company, you can enjoy wide open spaces rich in varied panoramas. Finding renewed stimulus for life. Taking the time for emotions and sensations.


Tour Sardinia Experience Promotion Oristano
A stroll through the woods, a walk along the beach or coastal paths. With a sea view, or alternatively in a valley dedicated to fishing, where you can observe the fisherman hard at work as they prepare the nets and traps. Not only can you look on in admiration as they disentangle fish from nets, but the fishing tourism activity allows you to participate in preparing the food once back home, sharing in the catch of the day.
  For birdwatching or nature photography enthusiasts, the incredibly rich biodiversity of the island, with its oases and important natural parks, provides a wealth of choices for admiring the fauna and the various species of birds in their natural habitats. Just imagine being in the clean and fresh air, and enjoying the natural surroundings on a slow walk, hearing the gentle rustle of the wind in the treetops, observing flamingos, listening to birds sing in spring and the call of deer in the autumn. Whilst walking, one discovers scents and fragrances of floral essences, along with herbs that were traditionally used for well-being as well as flavouring food.

Only in this way can you experience natural enjoyment and relaxation, because only in those places, in those situations, in those extraordinary moments, do we rediscover the original human traces of well-being. 

No need to think of the noise and chaos of the city, the anxieties and worries you have left behind. What you experience here will more than compensate you for turning your back on them for a while. Walking slowly, being curious, paying close attention to nature, discovering the historic trails of the area, rural aspects, traditions and costumes of the locals, never seen before or elsewhere, will give you inner peace and joie-de-vivre.


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