Experiences Sardinia Experience Promotion Oristano
With Sardinia Experience Promotion every traveller will be able to access the true essence of this region during their holiday in Sardinia with personalised tourist experiences.  

To get to know a land, a community, it is no longer enough just to stay there on holiday, to be hosted in the best of hotels with excellent levels of comfort, in a well-known tourist resort. 
Today's tourist is very demanding and comes prepared with clear ideas about what type of holiday or experience they wish for. What they need is to be assisted professionally in the putting together of a personalised tourist itinerary, with content that perfectly responds to their demands, their needs, their way of enjoying a holiday in an emotional, exciting and engaging way.


Experiences Sardinia Experience Promotion Oristano
The experiences that the visitor wishes to have are often addressed in the discovering of places via active tourism, excursions and guided tours, in approaching a new culture, in attending craft workshops, cellars etc. Having the opportunity to interact with the environment you are in, to have relational and convivial contacts with the locals and to taste local foods directly in the company of those who produce it and with those who know how best to do it.
For this reason, before and during a stay, the visitor needs useful information and suitable services, sometimes even complementary but meaningful and appreciated, if conducted with simplicity and tranquillity.
In this way, all personal and social experiences will be worthy of being stored in the visitor's memory and will inspire them to take pleasure in returning to our island again, and to be spokespersons for others who want to do the same.


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