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The soul of Sardinia Experience Promotion comes in the form of Pino Frau - the guide who, with passion, dedication and competence, accompanies those who choose to visit Sardinia and its splendid destinations.

“I present my beautiful island like a queen dressed for a celebration, with a noble attitude, a gentle smile, the colours of her landscapes in spring.
I tell her fascinating story and show the boldness of her character.
How much beauty, amazement and pleasure we experience, as we travel or when on holiday, if someone tells us a previously unknown story, an interesting and curious anecdote. Every little stop is a tribute to the surrounding landscape, a meditation, a photo, an unusual aspect that gives reason for consideration in that unusual context".

“Recounting without artefice, paying attention to historical traces that, should you so desire, can tell you a lot. Like observing a nuraghe for example, or a mural or even a majestic oak, whilst talking about its cork. I was born among genuine, honest and industrious people, in contact with the countryside, Nature, places rich in history and fishing valleys.
I have travelled abroad a lot, and often this has provided me with a point of comparison in my wanderings across the island and has brought me to know it better. Always discovering new wonderful places and new stories to tell. 

In the places I stop I meet new and interesting local people, they tell me about the places and their work, and they host me like one of the family. My island always has something to offer, often asking for nothing in return. Its particular welcome represents an added value, unique in the world.
During my work and travel experiences I have always gathered knowledge, important teachings and points of comparison. I love to know things and to pass on my knowledge to others. In my work as a guide, disseminator of knowledge and tourist promoter, I aim to act - without pretensions or illusions - as both witness and messenger for our enchanting land... Taking you by the hand and leading you to new discoveries and new experiences”.


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