Sardinia Experience Promotion offers visitors various types of accommodation in Sardinia. Solutions for staying overnight on the island that are truly unique because they are experiential and original.

Sardinian hospitality is world class, a model of excellence.
Sardinian hospitality represents an added value that knows no equal. We are interested in promoting its rural and historical culture, and especially its social growth, via various multi-ethnic activities, food and wine tourism, active tourism in a variety of formats, and various outdoor experiences for natural and sustainable well-being.

The quality of the welcome, as demonstrated by professional and competent operators, is also represented by a series of hotels of medium-high prestige. Some are located in hugely appealing natural landscapes, others in urban contexts of great historical value.
In terms of rustic and experiential tourism, current proposals include "country lodges" and, in particular, highly original 'agritourisms', managed by agricultural and artisan operators. Operators who desire to share their agro-pastoral and artisanal culture, and who to this end have changed their principal activity to that of providing tourist accommodation. In this way they contribute to the promotion of intergenerational exchange, and encourage young people to undertake new sustainable entrepreneurial activities.


No less important is the construction and transformation of some homes into B & Bs and small hotels spread over several premises. Present in various contexts and communities and of a certain logistical interest, these types of accommodation simplify the distribution of hospitality services in the towns, but especially in small and charming villages, spreading the art of Sardinian hospitality far and wide.
In this way, the tourist enjoys the opportunity to be welcomed like a member of the family and at the same time integrated into the community of the holiday destination as far as possible. Kind manners, human respect, solidarity, authenticity of daily gestures and the extraordinary range and quality of food and drink, produced and processed in the immediate vicinity, all make it easy to appreciate and value a work that is wonderful but... still in need of greater recognition.


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